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9 Books on Generative Competitive Network (GAN)

GAN Functions in Action

Generative Adversarial Networks, or GAN for short, was first described in the 2014 problem of Ian Goodfellow, et al. referred to as "Generative Adversarial Networks."

Since then, GAN teams have been gaining plenty of attention, considering that they’re maybe probably the most efficient methods for producing giant, high-quality synthetic pictures.

As such, several GAN ​​books have been written, mainly focusing on the development and use of fashions in follow.

In this publish one can find books written on Generative Adversarial Networks.

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GAN Books

A lot of the books are written and revealed

Virtually all of the books endure from the identical problems. Ie, they are typically of poor quality and intensify their Github use of third-party code slightly bit with the unique content material. This is very true for Packt's books. Nonetheless, it is helpful to have an concept of ​​what books are available and the subjects. This can be helpful each when choosing a guide for self-study and for gaining an concept of ​​the varieties of subjects chances are you’ll need to explore when getting started with GAN methods.

We take a look at the next seven books:

  1. GAN Act. Generative Deep Studying.
  2. Advanced Deep Learning with Kera.
  3. Studying generative competing networks.
  4. Creating generic network mediation tasks.
  5. A cookbook of generative competing networks. Networks with Kera.

In addition, we also take a look at the GAN section of two fashionable deep learning books.

  1. Deep learning.
  2. Deep Learning with Python

If I’ve forgotten the e-book Gan, let know in the feedback under.

Books are likely to cowl the same GAN architectures, similar to:

  • Normal: GAN, DCGAN.
  • Conditional: cGAN, SS-GAN, InfoGAN, ACGAN. [19659013] Loss: WGAN, WGAN-GP, LSGAN.
  • Picture translation: Pix2Pix, C ycleGAN.
  • Superior GAN: BigGAN, PG-GAN, StyleGAN.
  • Other: StackGAN, 3DGAN, BEGAN, SRGAN, DiscoGAN, SEGAN.

Let's take a better take a look at the subjects in each guide. 19659007] 1. GAN Features in Motion

Title: GAN Features in Motion: Deep Learning Via Generative Competitive Networks

By Jakub Langr and Vladimir Bok, revealed in 2019.

This ebook supplies a mild introduction to GAN units, who use the Keras Deep Learning Library. .

GAN Features in Action

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to GAN Values ​​
  • Chapter 2: Auto Encoders on the Street to GAN
  • Chapter 3: The First GAN: Handwritten number creation
  • Chapter four: Deep Constructive GAN (DCGAN)
  • Chapter 5: Schooling and Widespread Challenges: Attaining Success
  • 6. Chapter: Progress with GANs
  • 7. Chapter 8: Managed GAN [19659013] Chapter 8: Conditional GAN ​​
  • Chapter 9: CycleGaN
  • Chapter 10: Prohibited Examples
  • Chapter 11: GAN Practical Purposes
  • Chapter 12: Wanting Forward

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2. Generative Deep Learning

Title: Generative Deep Learning: Machines for Portray, Writing, Composing and Enjoying

Written by David Foster, revealed in 2019.

  Generic Deep Learning

Generative Deep Learning

. This ebook focuses on the generic drawback of generative modeling by means of deep studying that permits discussion of variational encoders. It covers quite a few GAN models, but in addition language modeling with LSTM fashions.

Desk of Contents

  • Part 1: Introduction to Rising Superior Learning
    • Chapter 1. Generative Modeling
    • Chapter 2. Deep Learning
    • Chapter 3. Variable Automotive Encoders
    • Chapter four. Generative Page Switching Networks
  • Part 2: Educating Machines for Painting, Writing, Composing and Enjoying
    • Chapter 5. End
    • Chapter 6. Write
    • Chapter 7. Compose
    • Chapter eight. Play
    • Chapter 9. The Way forward for Generative Modeling

3. Advanced Deep Learning with Kera

Title: Superior Deep Learning with Kera: Use deep learning methods, auto encoders, GAN purposes, variation automotive coders, deep achieve studying, coverage gradients, and more.

Written by Rowel Atienza, revealed in 2018. [19659002] This guide is a extra basic matter with Keras on advanced deep studying that permits auto encoders, variation automotive encoders, and deep achieve learning. However, the e-book has four chapters on GAN, and I think about it a GAN ebook.

  Advanced Deep Learning with Kera

Advanced Deep Studying with Kera

  • Chapter 1: Introducing Superior Deep Studying Kera
  • Chapter 2: Deep Nervous Networks
  • Chapter three: Chapter 6: Autoenkood Generative Power Networks (GANs)
  • Chapter 5: Enhanced GANs
  • Chapter 6: Distributed Representation GANs
  • . 7: Cross Domain GANs
  • Chapter eight: Various Auto Encoders (VAE)
  • Chapter 9: Deep Strengthening Studying
  • Chapter 10: Policy Gradient Strategies

four. Generational Learning Networks Studying

Title: Generational Studying Networks: The Next Era of Superior Studying has been simplified.

By Kuntal Ganguly, revealed in 2017.

This e-book offers a very simple introduction to GAN. Packt might have deleted or unpublished the ebook and replaced it with the course.

<img aria-describedby="caption-attachment-8510" class="size-full wp-image-8510" src="" alt=" Learning Generative Adversarial Networks

Desk of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Deep Studying
  • . Chapter 2: Unattended Learning with GAN Method
  • Chapter 3: Transferring Picture Transfer to Totally different Domains
  • Chapter 4: Constructing Lifelike Photographs from Your Text
  • Chapter 5: Utilizing Totally different Generator Models to Create Pictures
  • ] 5. Generative Competitive Network Tasks

    Title: Generative Competitive Network Tasks: Create next-generation generic fashions using TensorFlow and Kera.

    By Kailash Ahirwar, revealed in 2019.

    This guide is a abstract of a number of GANs with code examples. Glomeruli. Generic Competitive Network Tasks ” width=”406″ peak=”500″ />

    Generic Competitive Network Tasks

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Generic Competitive Networks
  • 2. Chapter: 3D-GAN – Creating Shapes Using GANs [19659013] Chapter 3: Face Getting older with a Conditional GAN ​​
  • Chapter four: Creating Anime Characters Utilizing DCGANs
  • Chapter 5: Using SRGANs to Create Photograph-Lifelike Pictures
  • Chapter 6: StackGAN – Textual content for Photograph Lifelike Picture Synthesis [19659013] Chapter 7: CycleGAN – Convert Painting to Pictures
  • Chapter 8: Conditional GAN ​​- Translating Pictures from Conditional Competitive Networks
  • Chapter 9: Predicting GAN creation

6. Generative Competitive Networks Cookbook

Title: Generative Competitive Networks Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes for Creating Generative Templates with Python, TensorFlow, and Kera

. By Josh Kalin, revealed in 2018.

  Generative Adversarial Networks Cookbook

. Generative Competitive Networks Cookbook

Desk of Contents

  • Chapter 1: What's Subsequent Era Network
  • Chapter 2: Information First, Straightforward Setting and Knowledge Preparation
  • Chapter 3: The First GAN in Beneath 100 Strains
  • Chapter 4: The Dream new exterior buildings utilizing DCGAN know-how
  • Chapter 5: Turning a Pix2Pix Image right into a Picture
  • Chapter 6: Shifting an Picture with Fashion with CycleGAN
  • Chapter 7: Using Simulated Pictures to Create an Picture -Practical Eyeglasses by SimGAN 1965 Picture to 3D Fashions Using GANs

7. Sensible Generative Competitive Networks with Kera

Title: Sensible Generative Competitive Networks with Kera: A Information to Implementing Next Era Gender Response Networks

. By Rafael Valle, revealed in 2019.

This can be top-of-the-line books revealed by Packt as a result of the code seems to be of higher high quality and covers a wider range of GAN mixtures. Practical Generative Competitive Networks with Kera ” width=”406″ peak=”500″ />

Desk of Sensible Generative Chat Networks with Kera

. of Contents

  • Part 1: Introduction and Environmental Set up
    • Chapter 1: Introduction to Deep Learning and Environmental Installation
    • Chapter 2: Introduction to Generative Fashions
  • Part 2: Coaching GANs
    Chapter three: GAN Coaching
  • Chapter four: Evaluating the First GAN Value
  • Chapter 5: Enhancing the First GAN
  • Part 3: Utilizing GANS Purposes in Pc Imaginative and prescient, Natural Language Processing, and Audio Playback
    Chapter 6: Synthesizing and Manipulating Pictures with GANs
  • Chapter 7: Steadily Growing GANs
  • Chapter 8: Creating Discrete Sequences Using GANs Chapter 10: Enhancing Speech with GANs
  • Chapter 11: TequilaGAN – Identifying GAN Samples
  • Chapter 12: What's Next for GAN
  • GANs in Other Books

    GAN: their subject is roofed in other modern books on in-depth studying.

    Two essential examples are listed under.

    8. Deep Learning

    GANs are described in a 2016 textbook entitled "Deep Learning," by Ian Goodfellow, et al., Specifically:

    • Chapter 20: Deep Generative Models.

    Item 20.10.4 entitled "Generative Adversarial Networks". offers a quick introduction to GAN on the time of writing, two years after the unique article.

    It will be nice to see Goodfellow writing a dedicated textbook someday in the future. Deep Learning ” width=”375″ peak=”499″ />

    Deep Learning

    9. Deep Studying with Python

    Francois Chollet also mentioned Deep Studying with Python in his 2017 guide, "Deep Learning with Python", particularly:

    • Chapter 8: Generative Deep Studying.

    Section 8.5, entitled "Introduction to Generative Side-Conference Networks," introduces GAN subjects and addresses a working example of creating a GAN for a single class of photographs (frogs) within the CIFAR-10 dataset. The supply code is here:

      Deep Learning with Python

    Deep Studying with Python


    On this publish you found a collection of books on Generative Adversarial Networks, or GAN. [19659002] Have you learn any of the books listed?
    Tell me what you consider it within the comments under.

    Any questions?
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